By Dr. Bobby J. Grossi

Too many of us go through our lives focusing on ourselves and our own needs. This ignores the immense power at our fingertips to be purposeful when it comes to having an impact on the lives of those around us. Because we all, each and every one of us, impact the lives of other people whether we think we do or not.

The question is, if you were intentional about the impact you had in others’ lives, what would that be?

A Pebble or a Boulder

The first reaction to hearing this may be “I don’t matter enough to make an impact on other people.” But this isn’t true. We can’t see the full extent of the impact we make because one action can set off a chain reaction, like dominos, that reaches far beyond the starting point.

Imagine a boulder hitting water and the way it causes a large splash followed by ripples. Now imagine a pebble hitting water and the way it causes a tiny splash followed by ripples. Yes, at first the boulder makes a much larger impact. But both the large boulder and the small pebble cause ripples that move further and further out. Even the pebble, which seemed so insignificant at first, causes repercussions felt far away. There’s no such thing as “too small” when it comes to making an impact.

Intentional Impact

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a “boulder” or a “pebble.” The choices you make, the things you say, and the way you treat people are all part of the impact you have on peoples’ lives.

Knowing this, you can choose to be intentional about how you impact others. You can choose to be positive and supportive rather than negative and critical. You can smile and open the door for a stranger or perform a random act of kindness. Those small, positive actions will have a ripple effect you aren’t even aware of.

Or you may want to have a huge impact! You may want to affect millions of lives in a positive way. You may have a message to spread or a gift to share. You should do it, and you can.

Either way, you’re spreading positivity and, in the process, gaining happiness yourself. After all, there’s nothing more gratifying than helping others.

Get the Universe Involved

Have you ever partnered with the universe? I have. Many times. It’s not as hard as you think, and it’s even more powerful than you can imagine.

Once you’ve decided on the kind of impact you want to have, you can get the universe involved to help you out. You do this by committing. Whatever your goal or your dream is, you commit to making it come true, no ifs, ands, or buts. This shows the universe that you have faith in yourself, you believe you’re worthy of your dreams, and you’ll stop at nothing until you reach them. In turn, the universe opens doors and puts the people and resources in your path to help you. This is a powerful way to intentionally work towards having the impact you want in the world.

The Happiness Connection

Having a positive impact on the lives of others can bring you happiness. Being intentional about the impact you’re having, and working with the universe to make that impact even bigger and better, can spread that happiness from you to hundreds, thousands, even millions of others.

Recognize that you impact others every day. Then decide exactly how you want to impact people from now on, and work with the universe to make that happen. You can be the catalyst to make change in the world all while becoming happier yourself. Now that’s win-win.