By Dr. Bobby J. Grossi

You’ve probably had this experience with your GPS while driving: your GPS tells you to turn but you miss the turn anyway. Your GPS then announces that it’s recalculating and comes up with a new route to get you to your original destination. It may take a few minutes more, but you get to the same place in the end. The GPS never wavers in where it’s guiding you to. I like to think of each of us as having an “internal GPS.” I suppose this is another way to talk about our instincts. When we listen to our instincts – when we follow our GPS – it invariably leads us to the place we need to go.

Using Your Internal GPS

How do you use your internal GPS? Start by programming it with the coordinates of your destination. Ask yourself where you want to go today, this month, this year, in your life. Next, check that the coordinates you’ve programmed in align with the goals you’ve set for yourself. Does the destination you’ve chosen move you closer to your goals? Or does it move you further away? Your internal GPS is one of the strongest tools you have in your toolbox to help you achieve your goals, so make sure it’s leading you on the right path.

Trust in your internal GPS. If you’re clear on where you want to go and you know it aligns with your goals, it won’t steer you wrong. It will even work with your subconscious and the universe to get you where you want to go. It’s the best in the business.

Getting Off Track in Life

Sometimes life gets in the way and prevents us from following our GPS to our destination for a while. Other times, we’re the cause of the detours that take us off track. An associate of mine got off track in a big way several years ago. He spent more and more time drinking and taking prescription drugs than he did practicing as a dentist. He even lost his license for writing prescriptions using other doctors’ names and went to jail for a while. His wife left him and took the children. His old life as he knew it was gone.

But at a certain point he decided he’d had enough and it was time to change. He changed his priorities from drugs and alcohol to rebuilding the life he had before his addiction. I’m happy to say he succeeded. He’s broken free of the demons from his past and he’s working again as a successful dentist. His internal GPS was still there when he was ready to listen to it, trying to guide him back to the life that was meant for him. It’s the same as when you’re on the highway heading towards your destination and you punch in a detour to the gas station. As soon as you leave the gas station, the route to your original destination is still there. You just have to follow it.

No matter whether the detour was caused by you or circumstances outside your control, understand that detours happen and they don’t mean the journey has come to an end. It may turn out that the detour has happened for a reason, perhaps to teach you a lesson or make you grow as a person. Just commit to getting back onto the route as soon as possible.

Listening to Your Internal GPS

When you find yourself at a crossroads, be still and tune into your internal GPS. It will tell you whether to turn left or turn right or carry on straight ahead. Follow that voice you hear telling you which way to go. The journey it takes you on may not be easy – in fact, I can almost guarantee you that it will be difficult – but when it’s aligned with your bigger goals, the universe will work to lay the right path open at your feet. Trust in your GPS and you’ll go places you never knew possible.