Finding Faith (Believe in Something Bigger Than Yourself)

Do you have faith? I don’t just mean faith in God or a higher power, though that could be it. You can have faith in many different things, including yourself, your kids, or your even how your life will turn out.

What is Faith?

Faith is believing that something is going to happen before it happens. It’s knowing with certainty how the future will be despite not being able to see into the future.

It’s true faith when you continue to believe even when it seems things won’t turn out in your favor. True faith is not lessened just because things aren’t going your way. Just the opposite; faith is there to get you through those hard times. Yet it’s natural for faith to waver. Just choose to live in faith more often than not.

How Faith Changed My Life

Less than a decade ago, faith changed my life. I had just sold a practice in Clawson, Michigan and started working as an associate at a dental practice in Flint. From the moment I walked in to my new workplace, I felt something inexplicable. I knew without a shadow of a doubt that this was the place for me and that someday I would own it.

This belief was not based in fact. To the contrary, the practice was relatively new and the owner had no plans to retire soon. Still, I had faith that one day I would own the practice. I started acting “as if” I was already the owner in how I treated the staff and patients. I imagined how I’d change the floor layout if I were in charge. I learned the ins and outs of the practice and I visualized and I believed. All this while I only worked there one day a week!

Six months later, the owner came up to me and asked if I was still interested in buying the practice. He even said he hadn’t planned on selling, but he felt he wanted to sell. I don’t know what moved him to decide to sell; I’m sure that there was something bigger in store for him, just as there was something bigger in store for me. It came about because I had faith that I would own the practice despite evidence to the contrary.

Faith and Fear

The opposite of faith is fear. Faith tells you that you’ll have the things you want; fear tells you that you’ll lose them. Faith tells you that things will work out, even when it looks like they can’t; fear tells you that the worst-case scenario will come true. Faith tells you that you’ll succeed; fear tells you that you’ll fail.

What if I’d had fear instead of faith? I wouldn’t have told the owner that I was interested in buying the practice, because I would have believed there was no chance at all. I wouldn’t have felt worthy. I wouldn’t have acted “as if.” But I did have faith, and because of that I was able to make my vision a reality.

When you have faith, there’s no room for fear. You know that you have the strength to overcome loss and that any failure you encounter is a stepping stone to something even better.

A Bigger Plan

I believe we have a responsibility to serve the Lord and live our lives for our Savior. The Lord removes obstacles in our path to give us what we want. All we have to do is have faith and commit to working towards it first.

Just remember that we are all here on this Earth to fulfill a purpose. You must have faith that you are part of something bigger and better, a grand scheme that you can’t see in its entirety, but that you are an integral part of.