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Motivational speaker and catalyst for empowerment and positive change.

Dr. Bobby J. Grossi, DDS found his life’s purpose when he was forty﹘ to try to make the greatest positive difference with every single person he comes in contact with. This purpose drove him to share his message of positivity and personal power with people everywhere.

Dr. Grossi came from an impoverished, broken family in the economically suppressed town of Flint, Michigan. Now a successful dentist, dedicated husband and father, author, and motivational speaker, he has found success and overcome adversity by changing his outlook and forging ahead towards his vision.

He now strives to touch the lives of as many people as possible so that they can go out and do the same. He is truly an activist for change on a global scale, lighting a fire inside those in his audiences and his dentistry practice alike. He believes in the potential of every person who is willing to work to reach their dreams and fulfill their purpose.

Dr. Grossi enjoys speaking on a variety of topics including leading a fulfilling life, the power of optimistic thinking and the impact of positive change. He champions individuality and is happy to tailor speaking topics based on client need. With his infectious positivity, he shares personal knowledge and life lessons to help others embrace their passions and meet goals to grow as an individual.

Speaking Topics

Destiny is Not Hereditary

“Well, I guess that’s just the hand I was dealt.” “My parents were both like this, so it’s inevitable that I will be too.” These are just a couple of vicious, cyclical thought patterns that keep people all over the world from reaching their full potential and leading a purposeful life. In this inspiring presentation, Dr. Grossi shares his story of triumph over adversity and gives audiences action steps to change the way they see their lives and start striving for a purposeful, fulfilling future.

Power of Positive Thinking

Your thoughts are backed with power that guides the course of your days, your moods, your attitudes, and eventually your life. Many people let their thoughts control them, becoming a victim of their own mind. In this impactful presentation, Dr. Grossi shares with audiences how to shift the way that you think, harnessing positive thoughts and using them as fuel for greatness.

Change is Good

Every positive innovation or outstanding success that has ever come to fruition was caused by change. Inversely, many cases of stunted growth are caused by resistance to change. In this presentation, Dr. Grossi discusses the limitless power of change and how to harness it in your life to achieve your goals and fulfill your purpose.

Self-Evaluation, Awareness, and Development

  • How to know the true you
  • How to be honest with yourself
  • How to discover your purpose
  • The power of self-awareness
  • Tool for business and personal development

Living In The Moment

  • How to do it
  • The benefit and the importance

Living Up To Your Potential

  • Dreaming
  • Purpose
  • Peace of Mind
  • Power

Goal Setting

  • Importance
  • Taking Action
  • Process
  • Internal GPS
  • Discipline vs Regret
  • Commitment

Dr. Grossi's Motivational Career Speech at Powers Catholic High School

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Upward Bound - Michigan State University Graduation Ceremony

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"This book totally changed the way I (try) to interact with each and every person I meet! I first met Dr Grossi about 4-5 yrs ago where we both were keeping our boats! There was something different about him. He seemed to be HAPPY! Then I found out he was a dentist and it just so happened that my family and I were new to the area and needed a dentist. That's how we will probably forever be connected! By talking to Dr. Grossi I would have never guessed how similar our upbringings were. My family was very dysfunctional and I was pretty much raised by my girlfriend's family which gave me a little chip on my shoulder. So interacting with others was often brief and sometimes rude! After reading this book about a month ago I have been trying to make every interaction with every person ( no matter what there situation is in life) a positive one! Make every person's day just alittle bit better by running into me! What a difference this makes in people’s attitudes that interact with me on a regular basis, especially family! This behavior definitely did not come from my parents so it is not hereditary and who knows where I'm going to end up on this new path (Destiny) Thanks doc! I have purchased additional books to share with family members. It's a great read and very inspirational!"
John Davidson
Destiny Is Not Hereditary - Book Cover

Destiny Is Not Hereditary

Greatness is already inside you! Take the first step towards changing your life for the better, for good.

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